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3D Body Scan

3D Body Scan

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It's here! - visualise your muscle gains and fat loss


Tracking your weight alone is a misguided and demoralizing way to guage overall health.


Don't miss the big picture -muscle is heavier than fat despite fat taking up 22% more space. When we lose weight we literally shrink! But it's hard to appreciate this when the numbers on the scale don't budge.

Enter the 3D body scanner - what we really shoud be measuring


volume, denisty and hip to waist ratio - science backed predictors of overall health.


A 3D body scan allows you to visualise your muscle gain and see, in three dimensions, how you are losing fat -and where. It is the ultimate before and after body composition measurement tool.


In addition to this you can measure bloating, water retention, posture, lean muscle mass, DEXA quality bone density and over 30 accurate digital tape measurements.


Book your 3D body scan now to visualise your fat loss and muscle gains and set goals that stick.

  • By appointment only

    A convenient time and place will be agreed following booking

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