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We are commited to promoting health, utilizing cutting-edge medical approaches, and helping individuals lead longer, healthier lives.

We work with personal trainers, health clubs and businesses to improve the health of their clients and teams by designing

bespoke health assessments and blood tests.

We want to help prevent the main causes of morbidity and mortality - heart attacks, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, strokes, and dementia by keeping people's hearts and minds healthier for longer.

Contact us to learn more about specialised blood tests, 3D body scans, and health assessments.

Your health. Our Mission.


Dr Mark Martin Set Points Health

Dr Mark Martin

I believe the next breakthrough in medicine will come from personal health insights.


When we discover how our environment, food, exercise, medication and ageing affect our inner health and metabolism, we can optimise it.

This is longevity medicine.

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