Coronavirus antibody test

Coronavirus antibody test

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UK Government and Public Health England approved and CE marked Abbott Corona virus IgG antibody test with 100% accuracy.


Discover if you have recently been infected by COVID-19, overcome the disease and developed antibodies. This test requires blood to be drawn from your vein by a suitably qualified healthcare professional. Finger prick tests are currently unavailable.


Most people will have mild to no symptoms during a COVID-19 infection. For those who become symptomatic the most common symptoms include cough, fever, breathlessness and loss of taste and smell.


This test detects IgG antibodies which typically appear in your blood 14 days following an infection.


What we don't know yet, is if the presence of antibodies means we are immune to the disease. Only time (and science) will tell. It is vitally important that regardless of your result, you continue to follow government advice.

  • Coronavirus antibody test

    Discover if you have overcome coronavirus infection and developed antibodies to the disease.


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