Coronavirus antibody test

Coronavirus antibody test

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Learning about you COVID-19 antibody status can help measure your bodies response to vaccination or past infection. Many people have chosen to do this test out of interest, for reassurance and peace of mind.


This test requires blood to be drawn from your vein by a qualified healthcare professional. It detects IgG antibodies which typically appear in your blood 14 days following exposure.


We don't know if the presence of antibodies means we are totally immune to the disease. But we do believe that should you become infected with COVID-19, your antibodies will help fight the infection and as a result your illness will be considerably less severe. It is vitally important that regardless of your result, you continue to follow government advice.


This is a UK Government and Public Health England approved and CE marked COVID-19 IgG antibody test to assess past exposure and not active infection. Most people will have mild to no symptoms during a COVID-19 infection. For those who become symptomatic the most common symptoms include cough, fever, breathlessness and loss of taste and smell. If you have any of these symptoms please visit one of the free NHS PCR testing centres.

  • Coronavirus antibody test

    Discover if you have overcome coronavirus infection and developed antibodies to the disease.


    Due to the nature of the test it is not refundable


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